Wednesday, March 9, 2011

is music the cure for cancer? i don't know but it certainly helps. sometimes listening to music could be compared to having sex with the person you love.

music orgasm, also known as eargasm guaranteed, king night by salem:
"like flying on a private plane drinking Dom Perignon" - that rich guy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


this newborn blog of mine is dedicated to two things that are parts of my daily life: music & photography (and other visual things. i'm pretty sure diary-like posts telling about myself and/or my life will be rare-ish. however, you may consider this as one of those rare occasions.

who am i?

18-year-old finnish boy, currently finishing studies in college. i don't really have any hobbies except for internet and listening to/discovering music. i do play guitar occasionally though, but not enough and well to call it a proper hobby.

apart from music, i'm deeply interested in graphic design and other forms of visual arts, just unfortunately lacking the needed talent and creativity for such. nonetheless, it doesn't keep me from enjoying those pretty pieces of art. i will probably post some of my own work (mostly photos) whenever i achieve something worth posting.

to conclude the opening post, i'll share this song which caught my eye (ear) last week and has been playing in my head ever since. it's a song by the fascinating swedish singer, lykke li.